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Keep making men of boys
Abigail Lupinacci
Abner Larrieux
Onward and forward to Hayes and it’s loyal men. A Phi A
Akia Davie
Albert Vitiello
Alberto Roig
Hayes gave to me and I want to give back to my school and to help the young men who live in a challenging environment.
Alex Leites
Alfred Farella
Alfred Verlizzo
Alfredo Perez
Allison Parillo
Amanda Gomez
Andre Williams
Up Hayes and All Its Loyal Men!!
Andrea Santoriello
Andrew DeMarco
Angel Aponte
Angelo Defilippo
Angelo Rollo
Anne Wynne
Annette Phi
Anthony Corvelli
Anthony Farrugia
Anthony Gonzalez
I was fortunate to receive one of the best educations a young person in NYC could get. I owe that to Cardinal Hayes and the wonderful faculty that helped me prosper.
Anthony Lynah
Anthony Marrero
My time at Hayes made all the difference for my life. It was more than "book education", I learned what it is to be a man of honor and principles walking in those halls. Up Hayes and all it's loyal men.
Anthony Montaruli
Anthony Naclerio
Anthony Pena
In honor of Daniel Peña class of 1970
Hayes developed who I am.and provided financial support for me to attend!!
Anthony Ribeiro
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Spinella
Antonio Mojica
Armen Keuilian
Arnaldo Negron
Arnold Miller
Arthur Crowley
Augustus Lodato
Barry Kakos
In memory of Agnes and Michael Kakos
Barry McCallion
Benedict Phillips
Bill Regan
Meeting Jack McMahon challenge USMC
Bob Walpole
Brendan Duffy
Brendan Murphy
Brendan O'Shea
Brian Carley
In honor of Francis X. Carley
Brian Fox
Bruce Pollack
Bruce Puleo
Carl Miller
Carl Savoia
Great Memories from '62, Up Hayes and all it's loyal men. Regards to all.
Carlos Ramos
In honor of Antonio Diaz, class of '75
Carmine Coscia
Carmine Versaci
I'm a Alumni, graduated 1975
Carol & Joey Tito
Caroline Golja
Cas Stark
Charles Pennino
Charles Visconti
Charlette Fajardo
Christian Hoffman
Christine Brennan
In honor of Martin Holder
Christopher Then
Claudia Mayer
Thank you for being committed to transforming our boys into men. Not just men...Hayesmen!
Clement DeMasi
Cynthia Burgess
In honor of Joe Ferrick
May his memory be a blessing.
Cynthia Cirillo
Daniel Aponte
Daniel Barile
Great things happening up at Hayes!! It's been an honor to teach the Financial Empowerment course this year and to get to know many of Haye’s exceptionally bright and hardworking students, as well as its dedicated administration, faculty and staff.
Daniel Bowden
Daniel Cosgrove
Daniel Harris
In honor of Frank Granito II
Frank "Ditto" Granito was a proud Hayes graduate and supporter of Cardinal Hayes.
Daniel Meyer
I was a terrible student during a very unhappy time in my life. Father Healy offered to understand but I was unable to speak about my challenges. I remain grateful for his attempt. Life has taken a turn for the better. Managed to achieve a PhD along the way and love my work as a psychologist. Late bloomers are in need of support.
Daniel Sloan
Daniel Whitehead
Dante Cenci
Darnley Beckles
David & Mariel Cramer
In memory of Martin Holder, Jr.
David Burrows
David Tambini
David Trottman
David supple
In honor of John P Supple ('62)
Deacon John Crapanzano
Deacon Sandy Sites
For God and Country
Denis Foley
Denis Healy
Denis McCool
In memory of Jim Montoux '77 and Terence Mulvey
I want to continue to see you g men graduate from Cardinal Hayes and go out into the world and do great things. I want them to make their parents proud and I want them to support Cardinal Hayes when they have the means to do so. Up Hayes and All It's Loyal Men!
Denis Ponte
Denis Sullivan
Up Hayes! Keep up the good work
Denise & Michael Plude
Dennis Donofrio
Dennis McGuire
Dennis O'Connor
Dennis Swain
Denniston Reid
Dianne and Chris Feeley
In honor of Gerald N Porricelli
Family Member
Don DeLillo
Don Roberts
Donald Fangboner
Donald Grasso
Donna Porricelli
In memory of Gerald Porricelli / Alumni
Donna Sullivan
Donors Anonymous
Donovan Young
Proud of the work your doing. Keep rockin! Hayes 81'
Dwayne Reid
Dwight Doscher
In honor of Msgr. Austin Holland
EJ Vellone
Continue the great work in helping to build the future leaders for the next generation.
ERNEST Sampson
Ed Mcdonald
In honor of John McDonald
Up Hayes and All it’s loyal Men
Edward Buckley
Edward Castillo
For all the life long friendships I made at hayes.
Edward Dobres
Edward Geiss
Edward Gilmartin
I’m thankful for the education that I got from going to Hayes.
Edward Horvath
Edward J. McEneney
Edward McCue
Edward Powers
Edward Rinaldi
Edward Santangelo
Edward Welch
In honor of Rev. John Quinn, class of 1963
Efrain Alvarado
Eileen Cupertino
Elizabeth Lupinacci
Elizabeth Pizzuti
Elizabeth Tausz
Eric & Lynn Gawkowski
Eric Peralta
Erle Ladson
Ernest Rall
Ethan Frieder
Eugene Amankwah
Eugene Cronin
Eugene Kilduff
Eugene McMahon
Eugene Miller
Eugene Sullivan
Evan McElroy
Up Hayes! And All of Its Loyal Men!
Francis Butler
Francis Gildea
In honor of Msgr John Healy
Francis Guerriero
Francisco Muniz
Go Hayes! Go US Army-Vietnam First Infantry Division
Frank & Chrissy Celletti
Frank Bia
I owe this school in many ways. Too many to even count them off.
Frank Dulmovitz
Frank Gillen
Frank Houston
Frank Magdits
Frank Palazzo
Frank Selldorff
Frank Tizzano
Fred Michaels
Gaeton Stella
In honor of The teachers of Cardinal Hayes who helped to form our lives. We are grateful.
Gail W. Brady
Gary Gwon
Gene Cronin
In honor of Father Brian Cronin '64
George Di Russo
George Ganzenmuller
George Giersch
George Hein
George Murphy
George Powell
George Wolff
George Zambetti
Gerald Loughlin
Gerald Lowenwirth
Gerard Drumm
In memory of Henry Tobin Drumm
Gerard Engeholm
Gerard Musante
Gerard Walsh
In honor of Happy 247th Marine Corps Birthday - Semper Fi
Hayes and the Marine Corps - both saved my life. Happy Birthday, Marines - 247 years of faithful service to God and Country.
German Dilone
Up Hayes !
Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Ortiz
Great education and prepared me for what was to come after...LIFE.
Glenville Lawrence
Gregory Puchalski
Hayes set the foundation for my life and future and I wish that for current and future Hayesmen.
Harisch Studios
Harold Melnichuk
Hector Arocena
Cardinal Hayes High School- For God and Country Up Hayes and All It’s Loyal Men!
Hugh Greiner
Italo Degrandi
Ivana Washington
J. Alex Leites
I hope this donation meets the criteria for a charitable payment under the special Bank of America online category bonus program of 3% total rewards.
Jack McMahon/Marine CorpBirthday challenge
As a first generation son of immigrants, Hayes prepared me to serve while also succeeding.
Jack Mcmahon
James Coghlan
James Connors
James Corbalis
James DaRold
James Duffy
James Gannon
James Hynes
James McCaffrey
James McHugh
James McKinley
James Noonan
James O'Rourke
James Patrick Connolly
James Ray
James Raymer
James Sullivan
James campbell
In honor of Thomas F. Moore
Hayes men forever
Janice Cummiskey
In honor of Martin Holder
Marty was a great guy. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Janice Cummiskey and Family
Jared Alvelo
Jean Herlihy
Jeffrey Walker
Jessica Joseph
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA
In honor of Daniel Thomas Finucane
Joan Rosenhauer
In honor of Daniel Thomas Finucane
In memory of Daniel Thomas Finucane
Joe Keegan
In honor of Gene Connelly
Joe Keegan
Joe Lomascolo
Blessings to all alumni and especially my graduation class of 1970. Up Hayes and All Its Loyal Men!
John Brull
John Buoni
John C. Bivona
In honor of Father Principe
John Cannistraci
John Cifu
John Crotty
John Dalton
John Dillon
John Ervin
John Fay
John Fontana
John Galban
John Graham
John Harvey
In memory of Dominic Monetta
John Hogan
John Huvane
John Keane
John Kopchinsky
John Lennon
John Leonard
Up Hayes and all its loyal men!
John Long
In honor of James T. Long
I got a good education at Hayes. That education enabled me to do well over a 22 year career in the US Navy as an enlisted man and as a commissioned officer, many years in industry and 20 years of running my own business. My donation is in honor of my deceased brother, class of '65.
John McGarry
Committed Alumni class of 1969
John McGarry
John McIlwee
John McLaughlin
John Meekins
John Morgan
John Nason
John O'Boyle
John O'Leary
John Pizzorusso
In honor of Caroline Pizzorusso
John Prevedello
John Quinn
John Randolph
John Ranieri
Up Hayes!
John Sexton
John Shea
In memory of Mike Kirk, Class of 1960.
John Twohig
John Zurell
Jonathan Heller
Jorge Saenz De Viteri
Up Hayes and ALL its loyal Hayes Alumni! Class of 1985...
Jorge Troche
Jose Almonte
Up Hayes and all it’s Loyal Men!
Joseph Campisi
Joseph De Bernardis
Joseph DeRuvo
In honor of Michael Boraczek
Joseph Durning
Joseph Eaione
Joseph Gregorio
Joseph Kelly
Joseph Messa
Joseph Shafranek
In honor of Thomas F Hickey
Joseph Vernum
Joseph Vessecchia
Juan Concepcion
Cardinal Hayes - 650 Grand Concourse - changed the entire trajectory of my life! I am so thankful for Hayes! And now it continues to be a part of my family history as my nephew (Jake) is now a Hayesman too.
Jude Heaney
Julio Moreno
Katrina Santana
Katrina Santana
Keep up the good work
Kendall Wood
God’s Kingdom Come, God’s Will Be Done, On Earth as it is In Heaven
Kenneth McGowan
Kevin Collins
Kevin Donohue
Kevin Finnerty
Kevin Finnerty
In hindsight Hayes was the best school for me! Proud to see all of the fine Hayesmen it produces UP HAYES
Kevin Ganns
Kevin Graham
Kevin Kinane
Kevin McLoughlin
Kevin Meenan
Kevin O'Hanlon
Kimberly Yvonne Johnston
Kuno Mendez
Kurt Bielefeldt
Kwesi Yates
Kyle Amann
Laura De Leon
Thank you for your dedication to our young gentlemen!!
Lawrence Auriana
Lawrence Bentine
Leonard Vecchio
In honor of Mary & Vincent Vecchio
Leopold Tapler
Lillian M. O'Leary
Linda Clavin
Linda Martinez
Lindsay Softball
In memory of Joseph Ferrick
Loretta/Bob DiLorenzo
Louis Mercedes
Louis Perutti
Louis Vitolo
Louis Williams
Because of being a Cardinal Hayes graduate, many opportunities have been opened to me through my journey through life! I am now 70 years old.
Marc Medico
Marco Oliveri
Margaret Bauer
Margaret Brue
Margherita Scannell
Marianne Duggan
Marilyn Collins
Cardinal Hayes makes a real difference in the lives of New Yorkers - students, parents and all of us that love this city.
Mark Duffy
Martha A Jaeckle
Martin Spottl
Mary Anne Judge
Mary Byrnes
Mary Grosso
In memory of Eugene Connelly
Mary Grosso
Mary Helen Jordan
Mary and George McQueen
In honor of Msgr Jablonski (Dean of Discipline & FDNY Chaplin)
MaryAnne Pulaski
In memory of Joseph P. Ferrick
Matt Kilcullen
Maureen Mahoney
Maureen Sheehan
Maurice Matthews
Michael Angelastro
Michael Bladel
Michael Buckley
Michael Buonocore
Up Hayes!!
Michael Carbone
Michael Criscuolo
Michael Desisto
Michael Durkin
Michael Gubenko
Michael Harkins
Michael Kakos
Up Hayes and all it’s fine men
Michael Leal
Michael Manzulli
Michael Marinaccio
Michael McGarvey
Michael McNamee
Michael Plunkett
Michael Reilly
Michael Rotunno
Michael Steven
Michael Tighe
Miguel Guerrero
In honor of Wyman Carter
I am thankful for the education and the spirit of Hayes. Up z Hayes!
Miguel Silva
Mychelle Edwards
Myles Prior
Nelson Almanzar
Thank you
Nelson Altreche jr
Nelson Conde
Nelson Rivero
Newville Roberts
Nicholas Bazzicalupo
Nicholas Corvelli
Nicholas Krassy
In honor of Rev. Francis Principe
A mentor and saint, rest in peace
Nuriz Rivera
Owen McDonnell
I think it is the obligation of those who were educated at Hayes, to be sure that those who come after us have the same opportunity for an excellent education as we did.
Ozzie Alfonso
Hayes was a great high school. I'm glad I chose it back in '69.
Pasquale Bartolone
Pat McDonald
Patick Deluca
Patrick Racioppo
Patrick Scutero
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Tracey
Patti Osborne
In honor of Joseph P. Ferrick
it is a blessing to have known him and been inspired by the life he led.
Paul Addieg
In memory of William C Addieg Class/45
Paul Dumont
Wish all the best for Hayes
Paul Galvin
to the class of 67
Paul Garrin
Paul Kuveke
Paul La Rosa
Paul LoFaso in Martin Holder’s name
In honor of Martin Holder
Pedro Cardi
Up Hayes and all it's Loyal Men.
Peter Curran
Peter Fedorchak
Peter Gagne
In honor of Frank J. Gagne
In loving memory of my brother, Frank J. Gagne
Peter OHare
In honor of Coach Joe Tricario
A great coach & mentor !
Peter OHare
In memory of Coach Joe tricario
Peter Timlin
Peter Winkler
Philip Crepeau
Philip De Bard
In memory of Christopher DeBard, Class of 1967. From his brother Philip DeBard, Mount St Michael Class of 1978. Brothers in Christ.
Philip Doesschate
In memory of Dale Doesschate
Dale graduated from Hayes in ‘77. He passed away in July.
Philip Griffith
Philip Masi
Philip Sommers
Philip Wax
In memory of Richard Stephans '62
Philip Wax
Philip Wax
In memory of Richard Stephans '62
In honor of The Class of 1965
Thanks to Dr. Michael Carey for excellent leadership of Cardinal Hayes HS
Ralph Mola
Randy Marash
Ray Petit
Raymond Caroli
My HS is a jewel and an oasis to the young men of the south Bronx … up Hayes and all it’s loyal men!
Raymond Koenig
Reed Douglas
Rev. John j Duff
In memory of Msgr. William B. Delaney
Rhoda Geoghegan
Ricardo Rodriguez
Rich Petriccione
Richard Batista
In honor of Hayes alumni who served in the Marine Corps. to bring recognition On this 247th Birthday.
Still making the Concourse "Grand".
Richard Cohan
It's a great school that prepared me with a good education for college.
Richard Cohan
Richard Ferrara
Richard Gleason
Richard Masi
Richard Mastino
Richard Quane
Richard R Perna
Richard Taigue
Richard Witherspoon
In memory of Ann Witherspoon
Continue your fantastic work in helping to build strong men and future leaders.
Richard Wynne
Robert Buckley
Robert Burns
In honor of Class of 1969
Robert Casey
Robert Cembrola
Robert Colleran
Robert DiUbaldo
Robert E. Schaffer
I believe in the school’s mission
Robert Finn
Robert Frierson
Robert Koch
Robert McDonnell
Robert McGevna
Robert McLoughlin
Robert Purcigliotti
Robert Sambrato
Robert Sammut
My Hayes education contributed to my successful career and my catholic upbring
Robert Silveri
Robert Taverni
Best wishes to the Class of 1957 and to all Hayesmen!
Robert Trigo
Robert Wax
Supporting the efforts of the administration and faculty in preparing Hayesmen for life in the world.
Robert Wilson
In honor of Brother William Sherlog, C.F.C.
Robinson Alston
Hayes provided me with a great foundation, great friends, and opened the doors to my success. Up Hayes and all it’s loyal men!!
Roger Rooney
Roger Schinella
Ron Colon
Ronald David
Ronald Duffy
Ronald Hernandez
Roy Girasa
Royal Pollitt
S George Kipa
In honor of Brother Cephas. (Tom Lydon)
Remembering Brother Cephas’ inspiring AP Bio class.
Sal Bosco
Sally & Gerry Moss
Salvatore Arena
Salvatore Chieffalo
Scott Hilley
Sean Sweeney
In honor of Nancy Sweeney
God Bless Those Committed to Helping Young People Grow.
Sebastian Calapai
Sebastian Cicitta
Sherrizette Mason
Stanley Magda
Stephen Fraher
Stephen Fraher
In honor of Pat Curran Scholarship
Stephen Frank
Stephen Giorgio
Stephen Keller
Stephen Michaele
Stephen Scarpati
Keep up the great work of Cardianl Hayes High School
Stephen Schum
So proud to be an alumni of Hayes. Up Hayes and all its loyal men!
Stuart Robinson
Susan Cottingham
In memory of James O'Neill, Terence Mulvey and James Cottingham II
Suzanne Perina
The Masson Family Foundation
The Roman Family
In memory of Nelson Roman Sr.
Theodore R Hall
In honor of Bruce Dennis Hall, Class of '72
Cardinal Hayes High School has always been a place where young men with backgrounds that are often financially challenging can obtain a quality education that will prepare them for life filled with successes.
Thomas Bathe
Thomas Burckardt
Thomas Butler
Best wishes to everyone
Thomas Colgan
Thomas Cox
Thomas Humbert
In honor of Gerard O'Keefe
Thomas Hussey
Thomas Long
Thomas Maroselli
Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Thomas Ryan
Thomas Samuel
Thomas Watson
Thomas White
Tim and Deb McHugh
In honor of Joseph Ferrick
My Uncle Martin Kelly and Joe Ferrick were best friends for life and it all started at Hayes. Keep up the great work.
Tina Swirsky
Torland Charles
Tyrone Walton
Vernon Symes
Veron Brookes
Up Hayes
Victor Colaio
Victor Cruz
In honor of Richard Murphy
Victor Stanionis
Vincent Burolla
Vincent Coogan
Vincent Gaglione
Vincent Grove
Vincent Laurato
Vincent Santorelli
Walter Cum
Walter LeStrange
Cardinal Hayes is making a difference in the lives of young men facing fierce challenges in the world today.
Walter Springer
William Artiga
In honor of All dearly departed Hayesmen
I’m Seeking, I’m Striving, I’m In It with all my heart
William Beazer
William Canavan
William Carroll
William Davis
William Desmond
William Farrell
William Fleming
William Frank
William Marengo
William Montague
William Otto
William Ryan
William Storms
William White
Yanilka Mirabal
Yessenia Rodriguez
Anthony tripodo
excellent academic foundation for success
Bill nelson
God & Country! Cardinal Hayes prepared me , a bronx resident ,for a successful life and career through Discipline, dedication , religion , intelligence , competition, friendship , respect , self-reliance , determination and commitment . I’m forever grateful .
James creighton
Best High School in NYC
James keogh
John proto
In honor of Daniel Thomas Finucane
John zerafa
because it's the school I graduated from.
Thomas bielenda
Walter Egan
Keep up the good work
Where else can I see a return on investment that we see with Hayes. The record speaks for itself. 98% of Hayes seniors move onto college. Competitive sports. So can Hayes get even better? I suppose it can... but getting requires your help.
Cardinal Hayes does a great job with the young men that attend the school. Thank you!
I believe in our Hayes men!!
In memory of Richie Burke: St Anthony’s ‘67, Hayes ‘71
Great education for a successful and happy life!
In honor of Thomas Kenneally

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Sean Sweeney
Supported 4 days ago
In honor of Nancy Sweeney
God Bless Those Committed to Helping Young People Grow.
Alex LeitesAlumni ’87
Supported 8 days ago
Sebastian CicittaAlumni ’56
Supported 16 days ago
Patti Osborne
Supported 16 days ago
In honor of Joseph P. Ferrick
it is a blessing to have known him and been inspired by the life he led.
Janice Cummiskey
Supported 19 days ago
In honor of Martin Holder
Marty was a great guy. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Janice Cummiskey and Family
Tim and Deb McHugh
Supported 20 days ago
In honor of Joseph Ferrick
My Uncle Martin Kelly and Joe Ferrick were best friends for life and it all started at Hayes. Keep up the great work.
MaryAnne Pulaski
Supported 23 days ago
In memory of Joseph P. Ferrick
Cynthia Burgess
Supported 24 days ago
In honor of Joe Ferrick
May his memory be a blessing.
Lindsay Softball
Supported 24 days ago
In memory of Joseph Ferrick
Supported 25 days ago

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