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The fact that I was able to go to and graduate from Cardinal Hayes High School when my parents could lease afford to, and gained an excellent education that afforded me the opportunity to excel later in life personally and professionally. Thank you.
Al Groh
Albert T. DeQuinzio
Alexander J. McManus
Alexander and Jane Abela
Alfred Manganiello
In memory of Dwight doscher
For my college friend dwight Doscher who recently passed in December and has requested donations to his high School for his remembrance
Alfred R. Genkinger
Alfred Verlizzo
Alice McCafferty
In honor of Dwight Doscher ‘69
Alphonso Ibrahim
Amanda McNamara
Amy Hosseinbukus
Andre Zmurek
Andrea Olivera
Andrew Darryl McGee
Andrew DeMarco
Andrew Heaton
In honor of John “Jack” Hoare ‘63 and Nicholas “Nick” Contino ‘63
Cardinal Hayes was the foundation of my knowledge and faith.
Andrew Orlando
Andrew Potash
Angela T. Soccodato
Angelo J. Defilippo
Angelo M. Rollo
Ann Henry
Ann Tobin
Annalisa Weigand
Anne Sonnick
Anne Wynne
Anthony A. Campbell
In honor of Estela Campbell
Anthony A. Colangelo
Anthony Albano
Anthony Amalfitano
Beat the Mount football 🏈 rallies and games
Anthony Angilletta
In honor of Stephen L. Moor - for the Football Program
Anthony Baez
Anthony Breidenbach
Anthony Camello
Cardinal Hayes H.S. is a great school. I recall my many teachers, particularly Fr. Harry Heck who was my Physics teacher and inspired me to succeed in my chosen field of Engineering. Up Hayes and All It's Loyal Men!
Anthony Cerrato
Anthony F. Farrugia
Anthony J. Grassia
Anthony Montaruli
Anthony N. Corvelli
Anthony Naclerio
Anthony P. Cavanna
Anthony R. Moschetta
Anthony T. Rusciano
Anthony Vitale
Antonio Mojica
Up Hayes!
Antonio Seda
In honor of All amazing stewards and faculty during my years at Hayes
Arnold J. Miller
Arthur Corvo
Arthur F. Strehle
Arthur J. Crowley
Arthur J. Mella
Augustine A. Capasso
Barbara Minihan
Barbara Stevens
Barry J. McCallion
Barry Kakos
Bartley F. Livolsi
Benedict De Bellis
Benedict T. Phillips
Benjamin Leopold
Benjamin Mathews
Benjamin Matthews
Beth & Gerry Wagner
In memory of Dwight Doscher
Betty Betz
Bill & Pam Howard
Bill Kelleher
all of the friends I made and Fr Brady, my History teacher.
Bob Triscari
Boston Scientific
Brendan Duffy
Dream Big- Brendan Duffy -the Sleep Coach!
Brendan J. Clarke
Brendan Murphy
Brendan O'Connor
Brendan T. Linehan
Brian Fitzpatrick
Just being a HAYESMAN
Brian Hunt
Brian Lynch
Brian P. Fox
Bright Funds
Bright Funds
Bruce Carlson
Bruce J. Pollack
Bruce P. Puleo
Camille Tanzella
Carl M. Schuh
Carl R. Bruckmann
Carl Savoia
In honor of Deseased Classmates of 1962
Living the life in St Augustine Florida.
Carlo Bracci
Carlo Bracci
GRADUATING FROM New yorks cathederal;
Carlos M. Antolin
Carlos Maldonado
Carlos Rivera
Carmine J. Coscia
Carmine Versaci
Great Education Atmosphere !!!
Carol & Joey Tito
Carol Distefano
Caroline Golja
Carrie and Joseph Sindelar
In memory of John James Butler
Cas F. Stark
Catherine Kennedy and Vatherine Weber
Celeste Hughes
In honor of Fr. Tierney, Mrs. Fraleigh and Mr. Joseph
Charles Antwine
Charles Genna
Charles J. Hoffarth
Charles L. Martin
Charles P. Guarracino
Children's Aid Society
Chris Brauer
Some of the best friends till this day. Beat the Mount!
Christina R Flatley
In honor of Thomas J. Flatley, '46 and Chris R. Flatley
Christopher Angrisani
Christopher D. Morley
Christopher J. Mattura
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Roduit
Church Of The Sacred Heart
Claudia Mayer
Cody Kuenseler
Col. Patrick McDonald USMCR (Ret)
Colin Flynn
Up Hayes !!! From Colin Flynn FP Class of 2007 - AMDG - in memory of Nana, Alex, Poppa, Poppa, Aunty Jo, Michael, Colin, Andre, Chris , Eleanor, Peggy, Bernie, Det Sullivan, Mr Moore, Steffi’s Mum, Mrs Bragaglia - GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Colin Watters
Concetta Angelino
Cornelius J. Higgins
Cornelius O'Leary
great education. Went from Hayes to USN (submarines) for four years, then Manhattan College and finally NYU grad business school.
Cornelius O'Leary
Courtney Moss
CrossBay Capital Parnters CrossBay Capital Partners
In memory of John James Butler
making baseball team coached by BILL KRIWICKI
Up Hayes And ALL It's Loyal Men!!!
Dan & Nancy Moss
Dan Evans
Go Hayes!
Daniel A. Sloan
Daniel Barile
Special Appeal -- "Close the Gap" for prospective Fall 2024 Hayes freshmen
Daniel Barile
Up Hayes!
Daniel Briscoe
Still a great school. Fond memories of the great ice cream sodas in the cafeteria and the crew in the camera club
Daniel Briscoe
e-mail contact only
Daniel Evans
Great friends/classmates and faculty/staff
Daniel J. Cosgrove
Daniel J. Harris
Daniel J. Spigai
Daniel Keenan
Daniel M. Henn
Daniel McKinney
Daniel Meyer
Daniel and Susan Cronin
Dante J. Cenci
Darnley E. Beckles
David P. Bray
David Almeida
David Lopez
David Reyes
David Romano
David Romano
Stage Crew & Manager (1953-56).
Deacon Sandy Sites
Playing trumpet in the band out front when Pope Pius VI stopped in front of the school on his way to Yankee Stadium to say mass
Deborah Wynne
Denis K. O'Connor
Denis McCann
Denis McCool
In memory of Jim Montoux Alumni 1977
Making great friends and playing hockey for Cardinal Hayes are my best memories. Teachers recognizing I needed a nudge in the right direction to stay out of trouble and get my work done. Cardinal Hayes is a very special school where you will learn to be a better person and a compassionate and positive member of society.
Denis P. Healy
Denise Christopher
Dennis Conroy
Dennis Donofrio
Dennis J. Conroy
Dennis J. Murphy
Dennis Milone
Dennis O'Connor
Dennis Panzer
Beat the Mount
Deryk Gilmore
Desmond J. Lawe
Dianne Franco
Dolores McCormick
Domenico Ciaccia
Don & Joan Roberts
Don DeLillo
Donald J. Bane
Donald M. Morgenstern
Donald McIntosh
Donald Napoli
Donald P. Grasso
Donald Senkewicz
Donald V. Almeida
Donna Sullivan
In honor of Joseph P Sullivan ‘53
My husband had all fond memories of his Cardinal Hayes experience. He was a faithful supporter.
Doug & Dorothy Machovic
Douglas Andrew
Douglas Feniello
Douglas M. Butler
Douglas Sanchez
Dr. Carlos J. Rivera
Dr. Clement DeMasi
Dr. Leo Pisculli
Dr. Nicholas Burriesci
Drydee and Dwight Stephens
In memory of John Williamson
Dwight Doscher
In honor of Class of 65
In honor of Fr. Joseph O’Keefe
Thank you, Fr. Joe, for your commitment to St Luke’s Parish, to Cardinal Hayes, and to me!
EJ vellone
Ed Mcdonald
Edmund J. Hillery
Edward A. Hartmann
Edward Baranowski
Edward Baranowski
In honor of Father Harry Heck & Brother Alan Doerr
Go Hayes!!!!
Edward Fazioli
In memory of John Williamson Class of 1960
Edward Gillespie
Edward Gilmartin
Edward J. Farrell
Edward J. McEneney
In honor of Tom Grant, 1949
Tom Grant made sure every one know Cardinal Hayes High School is the best. He was a good friend and went out of his way help people.
Edward J. McEneney
In honor of Thomas Grant
Tom Grant was totally committed to Cardinal Hayes.
Edward J. Piwowar
Edward J. Rinaldi
Edward J. Tobin
Edward King
Congratulations to Hayes Football !
Edward King
Was football and basketball manager for three years
Edward P. Kenny
Edward R. Smith
Edward W. Santangelo
Edward Welch
In honor of John Quinn
Edward Welch
Edwin J. Johnston
Edwin Mercado
Up Hayes!
Efrain Alvarado
Eileen C. Cupertino
Elaine Cunnane
Elias Abud Mechanical Technologies
Elisa Istueta
Elizabeth Hendler
Elizabeth Pizzuti
Elizabeth Tausz
Ellen M. McNally
Elwin Ford
Elwin Ford
Beating Mount and going to the Penn Relays
Emile J. Deveau
Emily J. Napolitano
Eric C. Theiner
Erle Ladson
In honor of Erle Ladson Sr
Up Hayes & All It’s Loyal Men
Ernest Gisolfi
Ernest- Rall
Eugene J. Miller
Eugene K. Cronin
Eugene McCormick
Eugene OCallaghan
Eugene P. Newburg
Eugene Sullivan
Eugene Sullivan
Evan McElroy
Shout out to Bobby Forrest, Tommy Carroll, Joe Lomascolo, Mark Germaine, Ray Cassidy (all '70), and all the members of the Hayes Concert and Marching Band and The Challenger!
Father Jack Cryan
In honor of Brother Arnold, CFX --Brother J Robert Holihan
Francis A. Sheridan
Francis C. Reehill
Francis Dorsey
Being on the swim team all four years. Getting 98 on World History Regents.
Francis Gildea
In memory of Fr. Edmond Totten and Br. Venardb
Francis Guerriero
Francis Kalten
Francis P. McGowan
Francis P. Purcell
Francis V. Paone
Francis W. Fleming
Francis lammers
In memory of Grandson Frankie Lammers
The spirit of all my classmates
Franco Mormando
In memory of Fr. Francis Principe
I received a solid education at Hayes, in a tranquil, orderly, well-run environment, which was a vital stepping stone to my future academic and career success
Francois Rivera
Frank & Chrissy Celletti
Frank Boughner
Up Hayes to all of our young Hayesmen out there. I know that our future is bright and our Alumni Association is going to always have our brethren in our giving plans!! 1990 Reunion soon for 35 years!
Frank Houston
Frank J. Dulmovitz
Frank J. Iamarino
Frank M. Slater
Frank Maddalena
Class with Father Totten was always entertaining.
Frank Magdits
In honor of Magdalen (Magdits) Janny
Frank Magdits
Frank P. Palazzo
Frank S. Bencivenga
Frank Sardo
Frank Vignali
Franklin E. White
Fred Michaels
Fred Owens
Fred V. Tola
Frederick B. Casey
Frederick Keller
Frederick T. Leute
Gary M. Crowley
Gary Roth
In honor of Our School
Preparing men for the rest of their life
George E. Di Russo
George F. Cotter
George J. Giersch
George J. Mazzarella
George J. Salamon
George Powell
George Scheidemann
George W. McQueen
George W. Murphy
George W. Scheidemann
Gerald J. Finnegan
Gerald M. Loughlin
Gerald T. Lowenwirth
Gerard "Rod" Walsh
In honor of Evelyn Ruth Walsh
Without Hayes I might not have been successful. Thank you, Hayes, and thank you, Mom.
Gerard Drumm
In memory of Henry Tobin Drumm
Gerard Drumm
In memory of Beatrice Lammlein
Gerard F. Moss
Gerard Heubel
Gerard Walsh
In honor of Evelyn Ruth Walsh
I was afraid that Monsignor Jablonski (Jabbo) would think I needed a haircut. As he would say "need." And, that meant you attended silent Jug the next Saturday morning. May he rest in peace.
Gilbert Ortiz
Jabbo waiting at the side entrance every morning to catch late comers.
Glenn Russo
Glenn Staub
Gregory A. Gorges
Gregory G. Rapawy
Gregory Puchalski
Gustav A. Carle
Harold M. Melnichuk
Heather Brown
Hector Agostini
Hector Arocena
Hector Jimenez
In honor of Ana Sanchez PIF Scholarship Cycle 1
Helen Walsh
In honor of James F. Walsh - class of '54
Henry J. Anderson
Henry Soto
Hilda Macejka
In memory of John Macejka '52
Hugh C. Mordecai
Hugh F. McCay
Hugh Greiner
Hugh J. Gallagher
Hugh Lennon
Being a member of the 1962 Baseball Team
Hugh Malloy
Hunts Point Alliance
Ian Leibowitz
Irma McDarby
In honor of John G. McDarby
Ivana M. Washington
J. James Lewis
J. Timothy Shea
Caring, disciplined faculty especially when they were sharing principles I did not care for at the time but value beyond measure now.
Jack A. Jaimes
James A. Hernandez
James Bowler
James Capuano
Father Totten's tough encouragement (4K)
James Connors
James Corbalis
James Cowan
James Creighton
James D. Wynne
James Dougherty
James E. Tolan
James F. Gannon
James Guerci
James Hartnett
James Hill
Jug. Spent a lot of time there building character. And I spent less time on the track because I was too fast.
James J. Creighton
James J. Dougherty
James J. Edmonds
James J. Hick
James J. Keane
James J. Raymer
In honor of The 4 Young Hayesmen who won the in class Stock Challenge
James Kenny
James Kiernan
I was thrilled to be able to join the Hayes Swing band, or as it was called then "The Social Orchestra". Many fond memories came of it and great friendships were formed.
James LaPerche
James M. McNamara
James McCauley
James McCullough
James McKinley
Lunch. Although we had little time to eat, I always found enough for a piece of chocolate cake. Still the best.
James N. Guerci
James P. Connors
James P. Hynes
James P. Nash
James S. Johnson
James T. Emerson
James W. Tobin
James W. Wray
Janet Canepa
Janice Lenihan
Jason G. Olivo
Jason Torres
Jean Lavin
In honor of James Peter Lavin
In memory of James P. Lavin
My father was proud to be from The Bronx and a Hayes Man - 1957. He passed away this year and this is in honor of him. He spoke of "Jabo" often over the years...and the George Carlin tape of him toasting the Dean of Discipline on his retirement made my father laugh more than anything else. Many fond memories
Jean W. Herlihy
Jeans Santana
In honor of Ana B. Pimentel
Jeffrey Boone
Jeffrey Walker
Cardinal Hayes means the world to me as my education foundation was further strengthened and contributed to where I am professionally. In addition, the brotherhood of men I developed in my fours years there still exists. Up Hayes and all its LOYAL MEN...
Jeremiah T. Murphy
Jermie Cozart
Jerome P. Coleman
Jim P. Walsh
Jim Walsh
In honor of Bill Hourigan and John Timoney
Joan Carmody
In memory of My husband Bart D. Carmody, Hayes '57
Joan Carmody
Joe Ciliano
Joe Lomascolo
Up Hayes and All Its Loyal Men! Proud to be a Class of 1970 Alum!
Joe Lomascolo
Up Hayes! Beat Iona Prep!🏈
Joel Barczak
John A. McGuire
John A. Rahilly
John B. Prevedello
John B. Zurell
John Bivona
John Bivona
In memory of Ignatius Russo Alesi
John Buckley
John C. McIlwee
John Calvo
John Cebollero
John Cifu
John Clyne
John Coyne
John Crapanzano
John Cutter
John D. Babyak
John D. and Catherine C. McMahon
John Dalton
Up Hayes and all it's loyal men
John Dalton
John E. Hogan
John E. Lennon
John E. McCarthy
John F. Daly
John F. Fallon
John F. Flynn
John Flocco
Up Hayes
John G. Rossi
John Gearity
John Graviano
John H. Reape
John Harvey
The teachers and my classmates and the swimming team
John Healy
Almost too many to list. Editing the yearbook, working in the camera club darkroom, just to name 2.
John J. Browne